We are as particular about where our puppies go as you should be
who you buy from, so if you are interested in a dog from Slaton's
Saints please fill out this questionnaire and send it to us at
SlatonSts@aol.com or mail it to:
362 State Route 60
Greenwich, Ohio 44837

Thank you.


Dear Prospective Buyer, 

Below are some questions that we are sending you as a screen to purchase a
puppy from us at Slaton's Saints.  Please give them a lot of thought and answer
them as completely as you are able.  These puppies are family and have been
given the best care while with us, and we want only the best possible homes for
the ones we can't keep.

Use as many pages as you need. THANK YOU, Shirley Wolf. 

Print Name(s)_________________________________________________________




Phone: (day)__________________________   (evening)________________________

E-Mail address:________________________________________________________




1. Why are you interested in adopting a St. Bernard? 

2. Have you had any experience and/or exposure to St. Bernard's? 

3. What do you know about the breed? 

4. What type of St. Bernard are you looking for? 

Potential show puppy________Quality pet________ 

Particular markings___________________________________________________ 


Puppy_____________________ or Adult____________________ 

5. Have you had pets before?  (What type?) & (Some history?) 

6. Do you currently have other pets?  If yes, how many and what kind? 

7. Are there any children in your household?  If yes, how many and what are their ages? 

8. Do your children have a lot of exposure to other animals where you live? 
Do other children and pets visit regularly? 

9. Do you rent or own your home?
(If rent, do you have the landlord's permission to keep a large dog?) 

10. Do you live in an apartment, single-family house, condominium, on a farm, etc.? 

11. Do you have a fenced yard or a secure play area where a puppy can play without
fear of injury or loss? 

12. Do you own a crate?
Are you willing to crate your dog for short periods of time?

13. Where will you keep your dog during the daytime and at night? 

14. How much time will your dog spend alone? 

15. What do you enjoy doing with your pet(s)? 

16. Do you have adequate time in the evening and on weekends to spend with your pet(s)? 

17. Do you travel frequently for work and/or for pleasure? 

18. What arrangements would you make for your pet(s) in your absence? 

19. Upon making a St. Bernard a part of your household, what part will it play in your life? 

20. What type of training or schooling do you have planed for your puppy? 

21. How much time are you prepared to offer your puppy? 

22. Are the other members of your household prepared to offer the time and patience
that a puppy requires to become a loving member of your family? 

23. Are you aware of the possible health problems in the breed? 

25. Do you have a Veterinarian that you feel you can trust the health of your puppy to? 

26. Feel free to add any additional comments that you would like. 

27. Do you have any questions that you would like answered?

28. Please list three references.


29. Who referred you to us?

Thank you for your time & honesty.