Grooming Apron
Grooming Table

Grooming Aprons

Waterproof vinyl aprons to keep you dry while bathing and grooming your dog.



The vinyl aprons come in a variety of colors and are $30.00 each plus shipping.

Breeders Edge Grooming Table


Ben on grooming table

Top quality table with 2 U-shaped chrome arms that won't rust and
slide bar to keep your dog standing in place. 

Complete set up............$350.00 + shipping. 
Arms & accessories are also sold separately. 
U-shaped chrome arms: $50.00 each 
Slide bar: $40.00 
Clamps for arms: $25.00 each 
(prices do not include shipping)

Exclusively distributed for Breeders Edge by: 
Joe & Shirley Wolf 
362 State Route 60
Greenwich, Ohio 44837
(419) 929-0465

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